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I started early in the aluminium industry at 15 years old, from large highrise commercial façade manufacturing & installations to 8 years of residential installations and onto building large game fishing boats for overseas clients. Fabrication has a broad range and demand so skills are relative to most fabrication projects.

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Because with 17 years industry experience its what we know quite well and has become second nature.

Our products are manufactured using a process call Tig welding, it is a process that involves concentrated heat into the aluminium which provides a very strong and reliable way of welding.

Most of our products are installed with a leading hand a good side kick , our installation vehicle is equipped with a lot of different power tools and accurate instruments to survey areas for level and plumb, therefore leaving a customer with the best possible finish.

Each project is slightly to wildly different, for example our default selection for a sliding gate is aluminium framework and the sliding hardware is stainless steel . this can vary for each projects application.  For a high windzone pergola or louvre roof we increase the framework profile to handle the windzone.

With 20 years industry experience we have seen the good and the bad over that time and have managed to refine our products into a practical strong and visually pleasing design.

Aluminium is a very versatile product to work with, it has a reputation for being strong and durable and is becoming more of a common material around the house.

If you compare a timber gate to an aluminium gate the aluminium version is on another level as it holds its own shape forever whereas the same size version done in timber only takes a little while to distort in shape. The same goes for pergolas, we can reach large spans without having to add in too much support as the aluminium holds itself gun barrel straight without sagging. You can rely on it to hold heavy loads and will handle all four seasons for a very long time.

You also have a large variety of fixings available to choose from that work well with aluminium. The non corrosive properties are also very important as it will never rust. Aluminium goes through another treatment called powder coating to give it its colour. The Dulux range offers a wide range of colours which we can use to match to your joinery. Prior to its coating aluminium is sanded down then dipped into a pre treatment bath then coated in its selected colour then baked in a very large oven for a few hours.


  • Aluminium New Zealand sourced high quality construction grade
  • Stainless steel imported from japan the highest quality worldwide I believe
  • Mild steel locally sourced
  • Cast aluminium from local casting foundries
  • UV stabilised plastics from a popular Australian manufacturer
  • Polycarbonate roofing
  • Louvres extruded in Waikato & Auckland
  • Louvre roofs automatic & manual with high quality German components makes a reliable system
  • Outdoor curtains New Zealand made from very high quality material
  • Gates , driveway gates, pedestrian gates, security gates
  • Pool fencing
  • Balustrades
  • Facades designed and built
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