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Gates fall into the same style of fabrication as our other products so we can comfortably offer this type of product and deliver quite a competitive and professional version , this type of engineering is second nature to us.


Manufactured from aluminium and finished in powdercoating also with options to insert dressed timber within the aluminium framework and paint to match the surrounding colours of a property. We stand strong behind the aluminium gate concept as a long term investment to all properties and they have well proven to hold shape and form consistently without the common issues of warpage and distortion from the same gate made of a timber product once installed and introduced to weather timber gates are well known to be jammed stuck or warped within days to weeks from installation. 


Driveway gates are manufactured from construction grade aluminium as with our other products and also go through a powdercoating process. We have proven to reach driveway openings of up to 7.5m before needing to redesign extra supporting structure into the concept.  we have again mild to wild designs and options to choose from. 

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